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Square Enix reveals Fear Effect Reinvented

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Square Enix has today announced Fear Effect Reinvented, a remake of the cult favourite PlayStation action-adventure game. The game will be developed by French studio Sushee (also responsible for the series’ return with Fear Effect Sedna), with a release date of 2018 pencilled in for PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

The original Fear Effect focuses on a team of mercenaries, Hana, Glas and Deke. Their initial plan is to kidnap the daughter of a powerful Hong Kong Triad boss, but what actually transpires drags them into a darkness beyond anything found on Earth. The game drew praise for its unique visual style, which featured anime-style character models on fixed-angle FMV backgrounds, but drew criticism for its awkward control system.

Fear Effect Reinvented is a bottom-up remake, with brand new high definition graphics that retain the same fixed perspective as the original and a more modern control system. At present, the only material the developers have released is the video above but when we get more information, we’ll let you know.

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