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Super Play returns with Retro Gamer 172

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Super Play returns with Retro Gamer 172

Yes, you read that title right. To celebrate the launch of the SNES Mini we have bundled issue 172 of Retro Gamer with a very special one-off issue of the much-loved Nineties magazine, Super Play. Pinch yourself all you want, you’re not dreaming.

Issue 48 of Super Play has been produced by the original magazine staff, including Jason Brookes, Jonathan Davies, Tony Mott and Zy Nicholson. They’ve also brought on a squad of contemporary Nintendo experts, including Nathan Brown (Edge ), Mark Green (NGamer), Keza MacDonald (Kotaku), Damien McFerran (Nintendo Life), Jeremy Parish (Retronauts) and Chris Schilling (Edge, Eurogamer).

Super Play returns with Retro Gamer 172

Now let’s talk about that cover. Seasoned Super Play affionados will be sure to spot that this is the work of none other than Wil Overton, the artist behind every cover of the original magazine’s 47-issue run. As for the magazine’s innards, Warren Brown, senior art editor of all of Future Publishing’s videogame magazines, has worked tirelessly to re-create Super Play’s Nineties visual style to make it feel instantly familiar to fans of the original magazine.

Inside Super Play 48 you’ll find a cover story focused on the brand-new Star Fox 2, including an exclusive interview with Dylan Cuthbert. As well as this you’ll find reviews of the 20 other games featured on the SNES Mini, from Super Castlevania IV to Earthbound. Of couse that’s not all, though: the SNES Mini is put through its paces in a hands-on test, Helen McCarthy’s Anime World, What Cart?, import review, Fanhunter, the origins on the SNES and, well, some bad news about Neko.

Super Play returns with Retro Gamer 172

Keep an eye out in the magazine for the opportunity to win the original hand-painted artwork of Super Play’s Secret Of Mana cover (featured on issue 25). It doesn’t stop there; you can also win other prizes, including an actual SNES Mini console, the Contra III soundtrack on vinyl, Super Famicom: The Box Art collection and more!

You can only get this special issue of Super Play with Retro Gamer issue 172, which you can buy from UK newsagents and online from 7 September. Don’t miss out!

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