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Super Russian Roulette Hits The NES

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How much fun can you have with a bunch of players and a single NES Zapper? If Super Russian Roulette is anything to go by, it looks like quite a bit. This new NES game uses the classic lightgun peripheral in a simulated game of life and death with a cowboy, who happens to be an absolutely enormous sprite with a hundred voice clips.

It’s a bit of a morbid premise, but the game itself looks to be technically impressive and quite a bit of fun – indeed, it’s already been demonstrated at a variety of venues to some acclaim, winning the audience choice award at Fantastic Arcade.

If you want a copy of Super Russian Roulette to call your own, it’s going to set you back $55 or $70 for a boxed copy. The Super Russian Roulette Kickstarter campaign is asking for $20,000 and is currently at over $4,000 with 33 days to go. Check out the crazy trailer above and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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