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Superfrog HD releases on iOS

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World2If you grew up with an Amiga, then you might be the sort of person who will be delighted to know that Superfrog HD is now available on iPhone and iPad! It has launched today (May 1st), and is currently being offered at a special price of £1.49/$1.99/€1.99. It’s not a simple remake of the original, with updated stage designs, an endless runner mode and more. If an Apple device isn’t one of your five a day, you might still be interested in the previously-released versions for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, PC and Mac.

If Superfrog never made a splash with you in the Nineties, allow us to briefly dissect it. The game was one of the Amiga’s many mascot platform games, which followed in the wake of the console success of Mario and Sonic. The speedy green dude was lucky enough to star in one of the best though, as it received scores of 93% from The One and 89% from Amiga Action.


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