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System Shock Remake Is Live On Kickstarter

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Mid-Nineties PC gamers are bound to remember System Shock with some fondness – it was a groundbreaking game that scored highly with the press and innovated in key areas, and you can see its legacy woven into the fabric of modern first-person shooters today. Well, there’s good news: it’s coming back and with a brand new look for the modern era.

Night Dive Studios is looking to raise $900,000 in order to get the project completed. System Shock is initially targeting the PC and Xbox One, with Mac and Linux versions as a stretch goal at $1.1 million and other platforms to be considered in the future. Further stretch goals include a fully orchestrated soundtrack, new locations and French, Italian, German and Spanish translations.

Can’t wait? Then you’ll want to pay a quick visit to the official Kickstarter campaign page – not only can you read more and pledge your cash, you can get a PC demo right now and find out for yourself if it’s something you want to invest in.

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