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Take A Sneak Peek Inside Retro Gamer Issue 153

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It’s that time of the month when another issue of Retro Gamer is about to hit the shelves, and by golly it’s a good one – just check out the video preview above! Of course, if you’re trying to surreptitiously find out what’s going on at work or something, you won’t want to blast that video across the office. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Our cover story this issue looks back at Sega’s attempts to expand the Mega Drive with the Mega-CD and 32X. The company bet the house on these add-ons, but did that tarnish the legacy of the Mega Drive – and could the decisions be defended? We talk to former Sega Of America president and CEO Tom Kalinske to find out why Sega made the decisions it did, as well as discovering the realities of working on both add-ons from development and publishing staff.

The rest of the issue is packed too. You’ll be able to read about the making of Yars’ Revenge, the excellent Atari 2600 shoot-’em-up from Howard Scott Warshaw, as well as Tony Crowther’s Blagger and Son Of Blagger and Omikron: The Nomad Soul. The history of Taito’s iconic Operation Wolf series is mapped out in full, and Sega’s Super Monaco GP is given the Ultimate Guide treatment. We’ve also got retrospectives on 40 years of Apple, how Rare ruled the N64 and an In The Chair interview with Chuck Sommerville. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough there’s a brand new feature in the form of Licence To Thrill, comparing the Robocop videogames to their celluloid inspiration.

As always, Retro Gamer can be found in all good newsagents, as well as via imagineshop.co.uk and digitally via greatdigitalmags.com. You’ll be able to grab it from Thursday 24th March.

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