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The 64 Launches On IndieGoGo

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It’s rare for Commodore 64 fans to admit a bit of Speccy-envy, but fans of Sir Clive’s classic 8-bit computer have been well served for new hardware recently thanks to the ZX Spectrum Vega and the forthcoming ZX Spectrum Vega Plus. C64 fans are about to get their own equivalent machines though, in the form of The 64 and The 64 SX.

Produced by Retro Games Ltd (not to be confused with the ZX Spectrum Vega manufacturers Retro Computers Ltd) and headed by Darren Melbourne, The 64 comes in two different models. The 64 is the desktop version, resembling a cut-down version of the original Commodore 64 computer, and features a cartridge port, HDMI output, two USB ports and an SD card slot for loading games. The 64 SX is the handheld version, which features its own screen and uses a console-style control set-up, and offers a single micro-USB port, an SD card slot and micro-HDMI TV output.

Both models are slated to come with a variety of pre-loaded games, including exclusive content, though none have been announced so far. The 64 is also available with joysticks and cartridges. The Commodore 64 name, likeness, and system software have all been licensed from current owner Cloanto. The campaign text says that working prototypes exist (though these aren’t actually shown on the campaign page or the video), and a delivery date of December 2016 is estimated for The 64, with The 64 SX following in April 2017.

The campaign is looking for $150,000 to succeed, and $150 will secure you The 64, or $170 for The 64 SX. Check out the IndieGoGo campaign here, and visit the official site for The 64 here.

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