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The Bitmap Brothers: Universe Hits Kickstarter

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Another retro book project has hit Kickstarter, this time celebrating iconic UK developer The Bitmap Brothers. The project, which is seeking £40,000 to proceed, comes from Read-Only Memory, the publisher behind Sensible Software 1986-1999 and Sega Mega Drive: Collected Works. The publisher states that the book will contain brand new interviews alongside all manner of production drawings and digital artwork, and will reveal the fate of various cancelled Bitmap Brothers projects. Games covered include Xenon, Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe, Gods and The Chaos Engine.

As well as copies of the book itself, backers are being offered rewards including signed copies and an exclusive Speedball 2 print by original artist Dan Malone. We’re looking forward to this – we were big fans of Read-Only Memory’s last project, stating in issue 136 that Sega Mega Drive: Collected Works was “the perfect coffee table book” and “an essential purchase for any Mega Drive fan.”

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