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The future of gaming detailed in latest issue of X-ONE

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XONE_111_CoverMaster Chief is preparing to make a massive impact on next-gen and is leading the charge of blockbuster games that will take the Xbox One forward according to the latest issue of X-ONE.

Issue #111 of X-ONE offers its 23 games that are better on Xbox One, which includes all the latest on the exclusive games, Kinect, Smartglass and tech coming to the console. Head of the pack is Halo 5 as X-ONE breaks down all the story secrets and console-pushing features you can expect from this massive new game.

XONE_111_DragonAgeAlso in X-ONE #111 you can read the latest on Batman: Arkham Knight, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Evolve and many more. Plus find out about the 25 Indie games announced for Xbox One so far and which of them has the best chance of repeating the success of Minecraft.

X-ONE #111 can be found in all good magazine retailers, or you can purchase a copy directly from Imagine Publishing.

Alternatively, purchase a digital copy from the GreatDigitalMags.com, or subscribe to X-ONE and save 30%.

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