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The Mega Drive/Super NES Book Is Back!

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The Mega Drive/Super NES Book Is Back!

You probably picked a side on the playground back in the early Nineties, but you don’t have to today as the Mega Drive/Super NES Book has returned! The original book about these two 16-bit titans has been one of our most popular special editions, and now it’s back in a new revised edition.¬†Inside you’ll find retrospective pieces on both machines, as well as Retro Gamer readers’ top 25 games for each and a helpful collector’s guide to help you get started with your own collection.

If you’re a fan of the Mega Drive, you’ll enjoy looks back at Gunstar Heroes, Castle Of Illusion, Thunder Force III, Streets Of Rage and the Mega-CD add-on that gave the machine a new burst of power. Meanwhile, SNES fans can enjoy revisiting the Mode 7 games that were the envy of other console owners, as well as the best RPGs on the system and huge hitters like Super Mario Kart, The Legend Of Zelda and Contra III.

The second edition of the Mega Drive/Super NES Book is out now, and can be purchased in all good newsagents, online via imagineshop.co.uk and digitally via greatdigitalmags.com.

The Mega Drive/Super NES Book Is Back!

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