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The NES/Master System Book Second Edition Is Out Today

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The NES/Master System Book Second Edition is out today in stores, online at imagineshop.co.uk and digitally via greatdigitalmags.com.

The Nintendo Entertainment System or the Sega Master System were the leaders of the late Eighties console scene, enthralling players with visuals that pushed the limits of their 8-bit processors. Nintendo used its console to introduce the world to evergreen series  Super Mario Bros, The Legend Of Zelda and Metroid, and third-party publishers supplemented the line-up with classics such as Mega Man, Contra and Battletoads. Meanwhile Sega provided a perfect home for its thrilling arcade conversions, such as Shinobi, OutRun and Wonder Boy, as well as brand new home games like the Alex Kidd and Sonic series.

The NES/Master System Book Second Edition contains a wide range of features covering the history of both systems, a guide to collecting for each with details on the most sought-after rarities and reader-voted lists of the best games for both machines. Additionally, you can discover the creation of and history behind some of the biggest games for each system in special Making Of, History Of and Ultimate Guide features.

The new edition features The History Of Wizards & Warriors, Classic Game: Punch-Out!!, Ultimate Guide: Master Of Darkness and Classic Moments: Kenseiden. These new features replace The History Of Castlevania and The History Of Phantasy Star.

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