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The Raven Heads To PSN

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the raven-01The Raven: Legacy Of A Master Thief is heading to PSN and will be available to download for PS3 from tomorrow.

For those unaware, The Raven is a highly enjoyable point-and-click adventure, that captures the spirit of previous classics such as Broken Sword, The Secret Of Monkey Island and Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis.

The Raven borrows heavily from classic Agatha Christie novels, and sees you playing a rotund, aging police constable, out of his depth when a jewellery takes place on The Orient Express. It’s also set over several episodes, with plenty of suitable cliffhangers that will ensure you keep clicking away.

We were big fans of the original PC game thanks to its good old fashioned point-and-click gameplay, genuinely amusing dialogue and engaging characters, so it’s good to see that PS3 owners are now going to get the chance to play this entertaining adventure.

The Raven will be available for PS3 from tomorrow for £19.99. Alternatively you can buy the PC version from websites such as Steam and GOG.

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