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The Top 100 Games Of All Time: Voting Open

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Back in the dim and distant past of 2004, Retro Gamer asked its readers what the best games ever were. In 2004, you guys said Elite, with Super Mario World and Manic Miner close behind. It’s been a long time since then though, and Retro Gamer has grown massively – so we thought we’d ask you all again for a future countdown in the magazine.

Here’s the rules:

  • You must vote for ten games. If you list fewer, your vote won’t be counted. If you list more, only the first ten will be counted.
  • List your games in order of preference, with your favourite at the top.
  • Every videogame is eligible – no matter what platform or year of release.

You can cast your vote on our forum, on our official Facebook page or right here in the comments of this blog post.

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