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The Value of Vintage games

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The following post has been written by Co-op insurance

Many of us would rather play our treasured games over and over again for the pure enjoyment that gaming brings. But there are a few of us who recognise the potential investment that buying a game could be.

Fortunately, Co-op Insurance has taken a look into the value of vintage games, consoles and toys to see how much you could make (or have made) by selling them at today’s value. It might provide you with some tips on which games you should play until they are completely worn out or take care of and possibly sell down the line.

Photo by William Warby

When it comes to consoles, it largely will depend on the console. In many cases for now you’re probably better off continuing to use and enjoy playing them.

A Gameboy colour kept in mint condition would only be worth £30 while a Sega Genesis Megadrive would be worth around £40. Back in the 1990’s these would have been bought for £60 and £150 respectively. So if you decided to sell them on now you’d be making a loss of £140.

Even trying to sell classic game consoles from the 70’s like Atari’s Pong would mean that you’d be making a loss of £10.

However, there are exceptions to the rule of course. Limited edition versions of these consoles with special branding or in unique colours will dramatically push the value up.

The actual games however, are a different story. Certain games are much harder to come by and may be considered as desirable by collectors. Pokémon Blue on Gameboy colour is currently selling for over £600 on amazon if kept in its original packaging. Even when adjusted to today’s rate of inflation, used Pokémon Gameboy cartridges are selling for more than their original value if kept in a good and most importantly still playable condition.

Like limited edition consoles, limited edition games will also increase the rarity and value of a game. Super rare games can sell for thousands, let alone hundreds. The famous and incredibly sought after NES game, Stadium Events, has sold for £23,000 on eBay, which only increased in value as it was in its factory sealed condition.

If you want to find out how much some of your old consoles or toys may be worth in today’s prices you can use the Toys will be Toy$ app by clicking here.