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Time’s Running Out For Piko’s Bruising Brawlers

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Time's Running Out For Piko's Bruising Brawlers

Piko Interactive is close to re-releasing two SNES beat-’em-ups, Legend and Iron Commando – but with the Indiegogo fixed funding deadline just a few days away, the outcome of the campaign is in doubt. The campaign is currently at $12,934 pledged against a $15,000 goal.

The two games were originally developed by Arcade Zone in the Nineties, with Legend appearing in the US and Europe and Iron Commando remaining exclusive to Japan. Both games are now relatively difficult to acquire, making an officially licensed re-release rather desirable. Backers can get one game on cartridge for $45 or a complete boxed copy for $55, with other options including a multicart, special editions, bundles with special edition Retro-Bit clone consoles and even custom arcade cabinets at the very high end.

For more information on the campaign or to place your own pledge, click here to visit the Iron Commando & Legend Indiegogo campaign page.

Time's Running Out For Piko's Bruising Brawlers

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