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ToeJam & Earl Are Bringing Funk Back

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There are very few hard truths in gaming, but we’re pretty sure that one of them is that the hobby is greatly diminished whenever ToeJam & Earl are absent. Funktron’s coolest duo hasn’t been sighted since ToeJam & Earl III was released back in 2002 for the original Xbox, with plans for a sequel on Nintendo DS falling through due to lack of publisher interest.

However, posts from the series’ official Facebook page confirm that a new game is in the works, with very early (and seemingly already scrapped) concept art on display. There’s no word yet on what form the game will take, nor what platforms it will release on – all we know is that series co-creator Greg Johnson is behind the new game, along with his HumaNature Studios team. We’ll be sure to keep you all updated as news breaks, which according to the post below should be towards the end of February.

If you’re a big fan of the Mega Drive ToeJam & Earl games or just want a glimpse at the cancelled Dreamcast version of the third game, we’d recommend you pick up a copy of the Retro Gamer Annual 2015 via ImagineShop.co.uk or GreatDigitalMags.com. The annual features The History Of ToeJam & Earl, in which we talk to Greg Johnson about every game in the series, as well as other great content from past issues of Retro Gamer.

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