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Two New Mega Drive Projects Hit Kickstarter

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If you’re a fan of Sega’s 16-bit hit, rejoice – two new Mega Drive games are currently up on Kickstarter, hoping to get a slice of your crowdfunding spend.

Tanglewood is a platform game designed by Matt Phillips, a developer whose credits include modern games such as the Lego series and Homefront: The Revolution. The game follows the young creature Nymn, who has been separated from the pack and must survive the night in a platform-puzzle adventure. The campaign is asking for £48,000, with cartridge-only copies are available from a £40 pledge, and there’s a demo available for play on emulators to allow you a chance to try the game. To find out more and back the game, click here.

Coffee Crisis is a beat-’em-up by Mega Cat Studios, a hobbyist outfit devoted to releasing new games for older platforms. The Smurglian race has popped over to our neck of the galaxy to steal some stuff – namely heavy metal music, coffee, cat videos and Wi-Fi internet – and it’s your job to beat the idea out of them! The campaign is asking for $10,000, with fully boxed copies of the game starting at the $55 pledge tier. To find out more and back the game, click here.

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