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Two rare unofficial PAL Mega CD titles get re-release

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Submitted by: Darren Jones

Two rare unofficial PAL Mega CD titles get re-release

Mega CD collectors are in for a treat this month, as two rare unofficial PAL titles go on re-release

In the mid ‘90s Sony developed two games for the Mega CD, and though both projects were finished neither got released. The games in question are Star Strike and Bug Blasters, and both are FMV shoot-‘em-ups – an amusing style of game the Mega CD became renowned for.

Despite being discarded by Sony back in the day, the two games were given a lease of life in 2001 when Good Deal Games purchased the rights to them and produced and sold 5 copies of each. Naturally, the exclusivity and extremely limited print run of the two titles made them very desirable.

Well, those who missed out on owning the games first time round now have another chance. A collector has secured the license from Good Deal Games to produce and sell 100 (we believe) copies of each game, and they are currently available to buy via eBay.

We expect them to go fast, so if you want to bag yourself copies you best get in quick.

Star Strike

Bug Blasters

Story: RetroCollect.com

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