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Uncle Art: The Film Now On Kickstarter

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Readers with good memories might remember Uncle Art (aka Dave Lowe) for his music – not just because it was featured in big-name games such as Starglider and Frontier: Elite II, but because last year he successfully funded an album of orchestral remakes on Kickstarter. Now his daughter Lucy is Kickstarting a film project, Uncle Art: The Film – a documentary covering the recording of the new album.

Lucy Lowe will be directing the film, with James Barrett as producer and John Craine as director of photography. The goal is to make the film available to backers, as well as screening it at international film festivals, but £8,000 is needed to make it a reality – the project is currently at £5,000.

Rewards start at £15 for a high quality digital download of the film, with DVD and Blu-Ray options available at higher tiers. Click here to visit the campaign page; if you want to back, make sure you get in by 28th April.

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