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Unofficial Project Brings Amiga Classics To CD32

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flashback CD32

The Amiga CD32 was a short-lived console, but one which quickly amassed a large library of games – because the system shared a common architecture with its computer counterpart, games could be converted with a minimum of fuss. Now, fans are taking advantage of that with a project to convert games to Commodore’s console.

The Unofficial CD32 Ports project is releasing a new game every day this month, complete with DVD-style cover art and, where possible, FMV intros.  Rumblings over at the English Amiga Board even suggest that future releases could support a new fast RAM expansion, should one become available. The early days of the project have seen an updated version of Cannon Fodder, plus Tearaway Thomas and the never-converted hit Flashback.

The Amiga’s software line-up is legendary for its depth, and picking the top 25 games is a hard task – which is why we let Retro Gamer readers decide for issue 133. If you’re curious to see what made the cut, make sure you don’t miss it by subscribing today.

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