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Watch Darran Go Hands-On With The Nintendo Classic Mini: NES!

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Watch live video from on www.twitch.tv

Nintendo has given the world its most in-depth look at the Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System today, with a stream on Nintendo UK’s Twitch channel – and our editor Darran Jones was lucky enough to be invited along to try it out. You can see a replay of the hour-long stream above.

Darran was impressed with the machine, saying “I think it’s really cool – I love the fact that it’s HDMI, and they’ve taken into account the fact that not everybody has a CRT so you don’t want it looking like that [an old NES running on composite], and there’s a good mix of games.”

From our vantage point in the office, it was an interesting deep dive into the machine’s capabilities. The CRT filter is fixed, meaning the light scanlines and fuzziness are all part of one package, and there’s no simulated tube curve. There’s also a strong emphasis on accuracy – the NES’s sprite limit is enforced, meaning you’ll get exactly the same flickering as you’d expect to see on real hardware. It doesn’t seem like there’s an option to turn this off, either.

Overall, it’s looking like a high quality product, given the slick menus, strong games line-up and good emulation, but we’ll give you our final verdict when we get hold of a machine for ourselves.

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