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Watch Final Fantasy VI: Symphonic Poem Now!

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finalfantasyVI_boxWhile gamers in the UK didn’t get a look-in when Final Fantasy VI did the rounds in the SNES days, it’s widely recognised as being one of the best games in the entire series. Not only did the game have a gripping story featuring the series’ best villain in Kefka (a statement we should probably whisper to avoid upsetting the Sephiroth fans), but the production values were high too, with the soundtrack coming in for high praise as usual.

Back in June, the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra performed a symphonic poem arranged from the game’s music, entitled Born With The Gift Of Magic. The RSPO has now uploaded the performance to its website, allowing fans to stream it for free. We certainly thought that was a nice way to brighten up a dreary, drizzly Monday…


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