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What do today’s kids make of the Game Boy?

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We’re guessing that most of you will remember the early years of videogames, and for some of you those years will be the very earliest. As a result, you have a healthy respect for the limitations of technology, and look back with fondness at obsolete hardware. But what if you were a kid again? Would you still think that the consoles of your youth were cool?

To find out, YouTubers TheFineBros confronted a group of 6-13 year old kids with a Game Boy – the original green-screened brick, at that. The comments they make are at once amusing, disheartening, and a horrible sign that we’re all getting old. One of them is perplexed by the lack of touch-screen technology, another says that she likes it but kind of hates it too. Most surprisingly, given that all of these children were born after the release of the PlayStation 2, one of them actually owns a Game Boy, having purchased it to play the first-generation Pokemon games. Clearly retro gaming goes beyond nostalgia for that one!

While a lot of the kids are perplexed by the machine and wouldn’t trade their iPads for one, the older kids generally recognise the historical significance of the system and its role in the popularisation of handheld gaming. There’s some hope left for the next generation, then…

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