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WipEout Design Document Revealed

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WipEout Design Document RevealedIf you’re a fan of Psygnosis’ 20 year old futuristic racer and have to know every little bit of detail on it, well, you’re probably Nick and you’re writing this blog post. But if you’re not, you might want to know that Eurogamer has published the full design document for WipEout, featuring 36 pages of detail on the decisions that went into making the one of the PlayStation’s most iconic early games.

Interestingly, the game was originally set to feature many more tracks, more licensed music (including tracks from The Prodigy and interestingly, none of the ones used in the final game) and an extra weapon. The ECM would have given players a free ride for a lap by shutting down CPU weapons systems, shutting off weapons grids and halving CPU speed until the player crossed the start line.

What do you think of the changes – do you prefer any of the original proposals?

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