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Worms WMD Is Out Today

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The newest entry in the Worms series has launched today, as Worms WMD is out for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The new game goes back to 2D visuals and adds a big range of brand new features, including buildings, tanks, helicopters and even a mech suit, plus all-new weapons that you can find as well as a new crafting system that allows you to make even more. For the full lowdown, check out the trailer above and visit Team17’s Worms WMD website.

If you’re excited for that, then you’re going to love issue 159 of Retro Gamer. As well as a review of Worms WMD, the magazine features a history of the Worms series covering everything from with input from veteran Team17 developers as well as those entrusted with bringing the game into the future. You’ll be able to pick the magazine up on Thursday 8th August from all good newsagents, as well as directly from us via the Imagine Shop and greatdigitalmags.com.

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