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Would You Pay $300 For This Gamecube Game?

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Back in 2002, Battlebots (the US equivalent of Robot Wars, for the uninitiated) was a big deal. The favourite sport of people who love strapping chainsaws to lawnmowers was even going to get its own PS2/Gamecube game courtesy of THQ, which was seemingly undeterred by the awful attempt at a Robot Wars game which appeared on the Game Boy Color. The only problem with the plan was that the Battlebots TV show got cancelled, and with no TV exposure the game was a dud.

Fast forward to 2015, and the official Battlebots website is selling that very Gamecube game for a mere $299.99 a pop, alongside a GBA version at the same price. You can click here to visit the store. We’re not quite sure if that’s regular retail copies manufactured and unsold, or if there’s a prototype being sold, but either way it’s certainly interesting. Would you plunk down that sort of money to play a game about very dangerous toasters? Let us know below.

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