Super Mario Land 2

When Super Mario Land 2 was released it surpassed even the original which was released almost 3 years earlier…

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Megaman V

While the last 4 Megaman games were simply handheld reinventions of the Nes games, Capcom opted for a different approach with Megaman V as this game was built exclusively for the Gameboy and includes many new features such as brand new stage bosses (as opposed to using bosses from the Nes games), a completely different charge shot and a brand new animal helper character

But the one thing that has been left largely untouched is Megamans excellent gameplay…

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Megaman IV

The 4th iteration in Capcoms handheld Megaman series doesn’t really do anything new but it does manage to provide a good solid platformer that is immensely fun to play…

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Megaman III

If it wasn’t for the fact that this game was in black and white I would swear I was playing a Nes game…

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Megaman II

It came as little surprise that Capcom would release a second Gameboy game in the Megaman series, and as you would have expected it plays pretty much like the first one!

Capcom has taken the same structure as the previous Gameboy title and have just added in the rest of the bosses from Megaman 2 (half of which you beat in Megaman) and half of the Megaman 3 robots…

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Pokémon Red & Blue

Back in 1995, C&VG printed a short article in its news section about an unusual game that was rescuing the stalwart Nintendo Gameboy from bargain bins across Japan (I had it clipped out, but I can't seem to find it)…

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Operation C

The wildly successful Game Boy got its own version of Contra, and it's a surprisingly good one…

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Game Boy Donkey Kong

Back in 1994, to celebrate the release of the Super Game Boy, the Beano comic ran a contest – word search I think – to promote it…

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