A screenshot of Athena Asamiya performing the Psycho Sword attack CVG REVIEW

The King Of Fighters 95

It might have lengthy loading times, but this Neo Geo CD fighter certainly impressed the reviewers at Computer & Video Games.
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A screenshot of Marco Rossi on a precarious ledge, shooting an enemy soldier EDGE REVIEW

Metal Slug

The Metal Slug series is now firmly established as one of gaming’s greatest run-and-gun franchises – but what did Edge magazine make of the original in 1996?
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Retrobate Hayden Yale looks back at one of the best reasons to grab a Neo Geo CD
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Aero Fighters 2

Aero Fighters 2 for the NeoGeo CD is a very solid top/down shooter and has quickly earned itself a spot near the top of my favorites list in the genre…

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