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Adam Lagowski

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Adam Lagowski

Name: Adam Lagowski
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Favourite Game: equally Myst and Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life
Favourite System: PC – Windows


My name is Adam and retro-gaming is one of my greatest loves and passions. Despite loving simplicity of gameplay and graphics of games from arcades, 8 and 16-bit era, CD-ROM gaming is my favorite chapter from all gaming history, as I was growing up during that era – The Sims, Grand Theft Auto, Worms 2, games from 7th Level and plenty of Polish and European edutainment games (especially brilliant Dorling Kindersley interactive encyclopedias) make my earliest gaming memories.

Thanks to digital distribution of many classic PC games and occasional presence of their physical copies in local gaming stores, I’m able to build my very own library of classic CD-ROM and also DOS games and explore history of that chapter of gaming – from classic point and click adventures to FMV games (especially works of Cyan, 7th Level and Monty Python).

I’ve been buying Retro Gamer for over 2 years and I don’t regret every zloty spent on each issue. I always find something for myself – if there isn’t much coverage of my favorite titles, I can always count on Richard Burton and Paul Davies articles.

As I’m also almost-high school graduate and aspiring journalist, I’d love to be able to try writing about retro-gaming in one of my most favorite magazines of all time – Retro Gamer. That’s why I’ve also decided to write this e-mail. I’ll try to write something in Why I Love… and Retro Game Profiles sections, but just wanted to tell you something about myself.

I’m waiting forward to get some reply from you. Keep up with making great magazine.

Greetings from Poland

Adam Lagowski