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Doug Snook

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Doug Snook

Name: Doug Snook
Location: Chicago, Il., USA
Favourite Game: Below The Root
Favourite System: PC EngCD/TurboGrafxCD

I was an animator, game designer and art director for a number of old TurboDuo games, including “Shapeshifter” and “Beyond Shadowgate”, then went on to develop “Are You Afraid of the Dark: The Tale of Orpheo’s Curse” for Windows DOS, “Alexei Pajitnov’s Knight Moves” for Windows ’95, “Sharpshooter” for Stand-Up arcade machines and a number of other titles that never quite made it to the shelf.

SInce 2000 I’ve been in the Toy Design field, having developed products for Nerf, Barbie, Hot Wheels, Max Steel and Polly Pocket, as well as several board and electronic games.