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Dylan Cornelius

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Format reviewed: SNES

Developer: Oregon

Dylan Cornelius

Name: Dylan Cornelius
Location: Oregon
Favourite Game: Link to the Past
Favourite System: SNES

Gaming since the day my dad brought home an NES Action Set (that’s the one with the NES, Zapper, two controllers, and Mario Bros/Duck Hunt combo cartridge).

Exploring old console libraries is a passion of mine.

I successfully completed a review for every North American-released NES game in March of 2014 over on Questicle.net.

I also never got much time with Sega consoles as a kid, so am currently in the process of reviewing every game ever made for a Sega console on SegaDoes.com.

Perhaps I’m mad for tackling such huge challenges, but to be honest, not much in modern gaming interests me at the moment. If I wasn’t exploring these old console libraries, I’m not sure I’d be playing anything.

Cheers to Retro Gamer for keeping the retro spirit ablaze.