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Nicholas DeMarco

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Nicholas DeMarco

Name: Nicholas DeMarco
Location: Jessup, PA
Favourite Game: Earthbound
Favourite System: SNES

Owner/Operator of Nick D’s Video Game Vault at the Sugarman’s Market Place in Eynon, PA

Blogger for Retro Junkies and Retrogaming Times Monthly

Wants to work for RETRO or Retro Gamer, but convinced neither place likes me or my writing style.

Spent WAY too much money on education. I’ve got 4 collegiate degrees, two of which are Masters, one of them in writing.

Living peacefully in a small town with my fiancee Kathy, two fish tanks and two birds.

The SNES is my system of choice. I think I have an unhealthy hatred of the Sega Genesis, but it didn’t give me quality RPGs so I’m allowed to hate it, if in my opinion only.

I’m a writer/gamer/singer/songwriter/son/uncle/brother and a host of other things I may or may not be aware of.

Macaroni and cheese is a gift from the gods. I’m convinced. Nothing else could be that orange and beautiful. Well, except maybe, oh I don’t know, AN ORANGE.