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Nick Roberts

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Name: Nick Roberts
Location: UK
Favourite Game: Dizzy
Favorite System: ZX Spectrum 48K

Nick RobertsBio
These days I’m the Editor-In-Chief of Retro Gamer, but I’ve been around a long time. My first love was the VIC-20 after by brother Tim had one for his birthday and just ignored it. I thought “that’s mine then!”, but it was the ZX Spectrum 48K that got me hooked on computer games and eventually a job on Crash magazine reviewing games for a living!

My collection
Having worked on Crash from 15, most of my teenage game playing was done while reviewing software, so I didn’t get to keep a lot of stuff. Having said that, the loft at home has a couple of boxes of goodies from an original Dizzy poster pack, to Crash cassette compilations and some strange Mega Drives and SNES consoles with switches on them from my N-Force and Sega Force days!


Nick RobertsMy favourite game
Through all the generations of consoles and games I have always kept my fondness for the little egg Dizzy – and 8-bit platform adventure games in general I guess. These days I can be found playing LEGO Marvel Super Heroes with my kids – so things haven’t moved on too far really.

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