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Puppet Boy

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Format reviewed: Sega Genesis/Mega Drive

Developer: Perth Western Australia

Puppet BoyPuppet Boy

Name: Puppet Boy
Location: Perth, Western Australia
Favourite Game: Gremlins 2 (NES)
Favourite System: Sega Genesis/Mega Drive

They call me Puppet Boy
Back in 2006, I created a myspace profile under the name Captain Howdy. After 3 months, I found someone who shared the same enthusiasm as I did for anime, nostalgia,horror, and especially retro games. After much discussion we both decided that we would create a place were like-minded people could join, share their nostalgic moments, discuss their favourite horror/anime films, fave games and not be tied to a one genre or topic, and basically enjoy themselves. Since TT hardly used his own account, I agreed that we would convert mine. So on May 19th 2006, the first Puppet Boy profile was created. How the name came about, is a different story altogether………..
TT tried to create Puppet Boy on Angelfire (2007), the basis for this profile was to show reviews he had collected over the years from various magazines, of his favourite retro video games, movies and albums. Even with both minds combined, neither of us knew how to work the site, and thus the project was cancelled.
After 6 long years not much happened, due to work, family life and other commitments, both TT and myself had little time to build on what we had created. And in 2012……Puppet Boy on myspace was abandoned, but on facebook, it was a whole new beginning and a fresh new start.
And as of 2013, Puppet Boy arrived on Twitter and Google Plus (I actually have Puppet Realm of Nostalgia there!!).
i took responsibility for the Twitter profile, and TT, G+.
Even though G+ was TT’s profile, he only ever posted pics, links and sometimes contributed to certain folders, otherwise it was left to myself to comment/criticise on what people posted, or to reply to comments on their profile.
TT worked on Tumblr since 2012, with myself adding photos here and there.
As of March 3rd 2013 TT abandoned what we began and I now RULE SUPREME!! I mean I run all 4 remaining sites and all are welcome to join.

As for me, the Commodore 64 and the NES were my 2 earliest gaming experiences. From there i fell in love with the Mega Drive II and PSX (yes..the original playstation 1, not that crappy shrunken version :P) I know heaps about games from that era including PS2, but sadly it gets me nowhere in the real world. So I am hoping I have found a home here with Retro Gamer 🙂