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Sebastian Mihai

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Format reviewed: Neo Geo

Sebastian MihaiSebastian MihaiSebastian Mihai

Name: Sebastian Mihai
Location: Canada, originally from Romania
Favourite Game: Knights of the Round
Favourite System: Neo Geo

I have been playing video games since the age of 4. A few years later I was switching between “investing” money in the arcades and my ZX Spectrum clone at home.

I am a software engineer by profession, but Retro Gamer has aroused my interest in retro video game development. This is mainly due to the great in-depth interviews of game developers that Retro Gamer has featured. As a result, I have programmed games on platforms such as Neo Geo, Neo Geo Pocket Color, ColecoVision, etc.

Collecting retro games is one of my hobbies, and my collection is only matched by my ever-increasing Retro Gamer archive!

My favourite console is Neo Geo, because of its longevity, technical achievements, and the courage of its creators.

On my website at http://sebastianmihai.com I sometimes write about video games as well. My projects can also all be found there.