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Stephen Westwood

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Stephen Westwood

Name: Stephen Westwood
Location: 150 year old cottage by ancient burial mounds and surrounded by woods… Scotland
Favourite Game: Rygar
Favourite System: ZX Spectrum

I’ve been reading Retro Gamer for a while now since discovering that playing old fashioned games is actually classed as a genre – and I’m not just plain weird.

Nostalgia is a huge part of it, but I have to say that these ‘new fangled’ games leave me a little cold due to far too many buttons to remember and their lack of pick up and drop ability. Jump and fire are all you need surely?!!

I still enjoying the games, but it’s possible I spend more time in fact reading about them and collecting them in files on my PC and handhelds than I do actually playing them!

During this resurgence I have also found renewed respect for old games. I can be much more impressed by graphical feats or excellent sound produced on the Spectrum than I am with those on Xbox360 for example, simply because of the limitations those machines had, and the trickery involved to make a great game.¬†Gameplay had to be tweaked in those days as they could not rely on treats for the eyes… but yes, some of them failed of course.

Anyway, has to be said, quickplay score challenge games are always going to be much more my thing, probably due to my first and fondest gaming experiences being those at the sea side arcades. I also have great love for the ZX Spectrum which I grew up with, and still have my 128k toast rack which occasionally gets fired up and which I collect games for to some extent.

I now have access to thousands of old games (yes – I believe in emulation and MAME especially is a great thing). I am spoilt by it all and dipping in and out of them is like walking through the best arcade or computer game fair in the world!

I play a lot of hand held stuff of late. They are great to pick up and play for five minutes, then go on do something less important… like house work. I love the Gameboy Advance SP (which due to supercard I have hundreds of games / homebrews and emulators on). I also have an Atari Lynx, and the new megadrive handheld which I gained through a RG star letter !

Tis all good… and best of all, tis all fairly cheap!
Here’s looking forward to more years of looking backwards.

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