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Alundra 2: A New Legend Begins

11,329 views 1 comments

Released: 2000

Genre: RPG

Format reviewed: PlayStation

Publisher: Activison

Developer: Matrix Software

Submitted by: Lewis Cox

The first Alundra game was incredible, and was probably the first game I remember from when I was young. People are always quick to compare its gameplay style to The Legend of Zelda, but I believe Alundra is an incredible game in its own right.

When a sequel was released and I got my hands on it, I popped it in straight away and found myself hooked. Alundra 2 tends to be ridiculously overlooked in the gaming community, because when you have an already fantastic game and try to expand on it in a completely different way, it tends to raise a few eyebrows among fans. This is what happened with Alundra 2… Because of the change to 3D graphics and a storyline that has no relevance to the first game whatsoever, people tend to regard it as a bad sequel to the original. But I tend to just look at it as a new game rather than an expansion of an old one and maybe this is why I have enjoyed it so much.

The graphics of this game, although not great (but the huge worlds of Alundra 2 were brilliant for the PlayStation, and remember graphics don't always make a game) were colourful and very typical of anime-influenced games that were really popular back then.

The characters and dialogue are very amusing, whilst the story is very intense but never hesitates to throw in a few silly jokes to make you laugh out loud.

One of the biggest things I love about this game especially is the musical soundtrack, composed by Kohei Tanaka (the same dude who did the music for One Piece). The songs are fantastic and there is always one to suit the mood perfectly, whether you be exploring a quiet village, roaming round a sinister dungeon, or talking to a family of insane Pirates.

The puzzles may not be as difficult as the first game, but they are still insanely difficult. You will find yourself messing around in one room for what seems like an hour before you figure out how to solve some of the puzzles the game throws at you. The final dungeon is enough to drive anyone insane!