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Call of Duty

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Released: 2003

Genre: Shoot-’em-up

Format reviewed: PC - Windows

Publisher: Activision

Developer: Infinity Ward

Submitted by: Alex Gandolfo

Call of Duty was and still is a fantastic shooter. Its cinematic intensity and atmosphere was probably the best of the time. Its sense of historic realism was unmatched. You weren’t a one man army in this one. You were just another cog in the whole war machine, killing and being killed pretty realistically. Sometimes the enemy soldiers would take one bullet before dying but usually more. Sometimes you would survive for 10 seconds, in the open, but usually less.

So obviously the gameplay is classic shooter, where you’re running around, finding cover, shooting at enemy soldier after enemy soldier and just trying to survive. This would seem to make this game just another shooter of many but, as mentioned before, CoD takes these standard gameplay elements and infuses them with a thrilling atmosphere and cinematic action. You really feel like you’re on the battlefield shooting at German soldiers in the dreary landscapes of Fall Russia, or amongst the hedgerows of France. There are certain missions, however, in which you go solo. These are some of the weaker missions as it takes away from the exhilarating moments of being in a ferocious battle. They still give you a sense of nervousness, as the missions truly convey a feeling of overwhelming odds. Keep in mind that these missions still don’t necessarily make you out to be a one man army because the missions are usually infiltration missions that usually provide you with the element of surprise. There are also a few missions in which you must commander a tank and one mission in which you must shoot down stuka after stuka with a flak gun. I personally found these missions to be fairly boring and annoying as I got so acclimated to the intensity and action prevalent throughout the rest of the game.

The graphics for this computer game are definitely dated but are still not ugly. The textures are decent, the colouring and lighting are actually great and the animations still look pretty good. Altogether, the graphics are very clear and smooth. The soundtrack is a highpoint. It perfectly conveys the prevalent feeling of a situation or level without taking things out of proportions. It seems that Infinity Ward must have used a small orchestra as there are, almost tear jerking, strings and haunting usage of brass instruments. The sound is very clear and crisp and is appreciated the most when heard through a good set of headphones. This is truly the best way to play the game as the sounds, coupled with the visuals, really suck you in.

Bottom Line: An unforgettable and realistic experience of a game as it seems to have escaped the commercialism of its recent sequels.