Duex Ex (DX) came out in 2000 not long after the first Matrix film..." >

Duex Ex (DX) came out in 2000 not long after the first Matrix film..." />

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Deus Ex

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Released: 2000

Genre: Shoot-’em-up

Format reviewed: PC - Windows

Publisher: Eidos

Developer: Ion Storm

Submitted by: Joe Douglas

What is there to say about Dues Ex other than “best game EVER!”?

Duex Ex (DX) came out in 2000 not long after the first Matrix film. The influence of such films as the Matrix and Blade Runner can be seen straight away in the game. It's cyberpunk conspiracy theories galore and it's beautiful.

As agent of UNATCO JC Denton, it is your job to stop the terrorist group NSFA. As you go about your missions it's not long before you start to find things that don't quite add up and this is where the game gets interesting.

Herald by many magazines as Game of the Year, DX is indeed a brilliant piece of gaming goodness. Mixing FPS action with RPG leveling, planning and freedom to play-as-you-like the game feels extremely opened ended. The worlds are huge and can be fully explored and everything is able to be interacted with.

The mixing of the two genres works wonderfully. Blast your way into a room with your up-graded weapons and arms skills or sneak in through the back door with your lock pick and sneak skills.
The graphics in DX are wonderful with towering cities, giant mechs and humans who all are highly detailed. The weapons have a great kick to them and the music really helps along the atmosphere of the game.

The game story twists and turns throughout with conspiracies and double-conspiracies rampant. Who do you trust? Who do you kill? What choice should be made?

The game is so deep that you can play it several times over and not experience everything. A game that breathed life back into an ageing genre, Deus Ex is an intelligent, highly satisfying game that anyone who likes to think while they shoot should check out!