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Released: 2001

Genre: Shoot-’em-up

Format reviewed: Game Boy Advance

Developer: David A Palmer Productions

Submitted by: Andy Leon

This is a port of the classic FPS Doom, and despite a few graphical problems it is a pretty well done port.

In terms of gameplay it is just good old brainless shooting, but you can look for secret rooms for extra weapons and power-ups.

Most of the old Doom cheats are there but, as you would expect, are now all button presses.

The main graphical diffrence is, because it is a handheld the graphics are a little blurred.

The level set is different from the PC version because this version is based on the Jaguar port so the levels are the same as the ones in the Jaguar version.

The gore is toned down, the character does not bleed when your health gets low, the monsters bleed green blood and their bodies disappear after death. This means the game got a 12+ rating.

The music is a little tinny but the voices and sound effects are clear.

It also features multiplayer using a link cable, a better use for it than trading Pokemon? I think so..

Overall this game is a great port for the system and it's great having Doom to play anywhere at anytime!


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Released: 1996

Genre: Shoot-’em-up

Format reviewed: SNES

Publisher: Williams Entertainment

Developer: Sculptured Software

Submitted by: Darran Jones

This game itself didn't spawn from hell but that certainly doesn't mean it's any good. Do you remember Wolfenstein 3D on the super nintendo? Do you remember how the violence was toned down? Remember how when the nazi's were all blurry from far away? Well it's pretty much the same thing.

Sure the musics still memorable and catchy but a first person shooter is not suited for a D-Pad. FPS's are for analog controllers like Perfect Dark or Goldeneye 007. There was some violence but compared to something like the DOS where you cut up a cacodemons face with a chainsaw it is a little bit inferior.

After Wolfenstein 3D they should have learnt there lesson. Unfortunately however I picked it up expecting Doom.