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Released: 2009

Genre: Shoot-’em-up

Format reviewed: Dreamcast

Publisher: HUCAST.net

Developer: HUCAST.net / KonTechs Ltd

Submitted by: Hagen Dragmire

Dux is a Dreamcast space shooter that was independently released in June 2009 by Hucast.net. This game looks beautiful and you can tell that the developers took a lot of time into tweaking different aspects of the game to react perfectly to most situations. The background can be a bit overwhelming at times, but it can be adjusted in the options menu to make things a bit clearer. The difficulty is unrelenting and you will die over and over again trying to get through the first few stages. The powerups are frequent and are fun to use, although the hyper powerup kind of makes the others not worth getting. The only thing I really could gripe about would be the choice of audio track and lack of unique sound fx. The audio is just techno music which to me doesn't fit a space shooter, but maybe I'm just spoiled by the amazing soundtracks of old shooters such as Gradius and Lifeforce(Salamander). The sound fx just don't stand out enough, you really don't know when your shooting and when enemies get hit which throws off the shooter senses. Overall, Dux is a solid shooter and for the price is something that all Dreamcast owners should try.