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Egghead 5: Egghead Round the Med

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Released: 2007

Genre: Platformer

Publisher: Cronosoft

Developer: Jonathan Cauldwell

Submitted by: Andrew Green

Most people have never heard of Egghead. He's a forgotten Spectrum hero, appearing on a couple of Crash cover tapes, but here's the thing. The infinitely talented Jonathan Cauldwell has continued to make games starring this egg shaped hero, honing the gameplay until this, the pinnacle of our hero's Spectrum career.


The idea is simple – you can either play the game as a simple collect-em-up, moving through the screens picking up stars, or if you fancy something more involved, you can play the game as an arcade adventure. 


Graphically, the game resembles a computer cartoon, the screens imaginatively designed within the Spectrum's graphical limitations, an some of the screen layouts would give Miner Willy nightmares!


But it's the gameplay that counts, and here it really shines. Movement of your oval hero is perfect, the jumps are executed to perfection and the collision detection, so vital in this sort of game, is pinpoint.


Overall, if this game had been released in 1990, we'd all have been raving about it. The fact that is was released in 2007 means that it won't get as wide a fanbase as it deserves, but you can download and play it for free, and if you do, spread the word. The best game written for the Spectrum in the last twenty years.