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F-Zero GX

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Released: 2003

Genre: Racing

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Amusement Vision

Submitted by: Steven Jackson

The Gamecube really got forgotten about in the past decade. Being overpowered by the Xbox and PS2, the Gamecube, didn’t really stand much of a chance, which is a real shame as a great number of brilliant games got overlooked. One such gem is the third instalment in the F-Zero franchise, F-Zero GX.

Much like its predecessors, F-Zero GX once again had you racing at hyper-speed around a number of challenging courses to win the prestigious Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, and Diamond tournaments. Battling against thirty fellow racers, the game is a fast and frenzied affair, filled with tight bends, daring jumps and dangerous drivers.

But while this game might sound a traditional racer, do not let that fool you. The game has a number of different modes (including a great story mode) and tons of different unlockables. However all these options come at a price. This game will tax you to your inner core and this game is relentless. In a nutshell, this game is hard, very hard, and is quite possibly the hardest game in the series.

Yet, while F-Zero GX is extremely difficult, it is also an extremely beautiful game. Due to the upgraded software of the Gamecube, F-ZERO GX looks absolutely stunning. The tracks and the competitors are all vibrant, the graphics are remarkable (especially considering the speed you are travelling at on screen) and the soundtrack is sublime.

In conclusion, F-Zero GX is a brilliant Gamecube game which built upon its predecessors legacy. A challenging, but yet addictive and rewarding racer, F-Zero GX shows how good the Gamecube really was and why everyone should at least give the system a chance.

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