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Released: 2004

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: PC - Windows

Publisher: Atari

Developer: Quantic Dream

Submitted by: Jon Bardi

Without wishing to get embroiled in a "Retro or not?" RETRO-WAR, I put forth Fahrenheit, because retro or not (Ok, its not)- its a true classic already…and if I can inspire just one person to try out this game then I feel i've done my duty :),

I won't spoil too much of the plot, which is a treat and should be left as a suprise…the player begins by taking control of Lucas Kane, beginning the game in the toilets of a New York diner, a dead man on the floor and blood on your hands. Yes – you killed him but you don't remember doing it or why. Are you losing your mind? From there onwards its up to you what decisions to take..do you run away, or stay to hide the body and clean up the mess? Each decision has a different outcome – but watch the mental health bar at the bottom of the screen…..if the pressure gets too much lucas will lose his mind and go INSANE, meaning the end of the game.

Every so oftern, Lucas finds himself in a spot of bother, and the player must franticlly press joystick buttons in the right order to get out of it. This is a great idea and keeps you on your toes throughout the game.

Throughout the adventure you also take control of two detectives hunting Kane, which led to some confusion on my part. Do you try to catch yourself or try and help Lucas get away with it?

The one and only gripe I have with this game is that its too short. You'll be hooked from the off (Its VERY addictive!), and you will play it to completion very quickly left wanting more. The graphics are very good, but its the sound where this game really excells, building up a chilling and paranoid atmosphere.

If the idea of more modern games puts you off- please please please give this adventure a try. You will thank me later – I promise!!

It will be Retro one day!!!