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Fur Fighters

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Released: 2000

Genre: Shoot-’em-up

Format reviewed: Dreamcast

Publisher: Acclaim

Developer: Bizarre Creations

Submitted by: Alex Gandolfo

The Dreamcast’s Fur Fighters was actually not the first version, of the game,I played or owned. It was the multiplayer superior PS2 version, Fur Fighters:Viggo’s Revenge. Regardless, since I now instead own the Dreamcast version, I’m reviewing that one.

The name says a lot of it. Furry animals shooting each other to bits.Or should I say fluff? That’s right.They’re actually stuffed furry animals.This whole premise really sets the game’s tone.Wouldn’t you agree?The basic story is that the evil general Viggo attacks the village of the elite warrior Fur Fighters.He sedates the fighters and kidnaps their family members.So what you gonna do? Go get’em back,that’s what!

Thus the core gameplay consists of mowing down various baddies (in third-person) in each level while searching for your family members.Two key things here.First,you actually only find and recover babies in the levels,so subsequently you must fight your mutated parents and spouses (Viggo’s evil doing) in boss battles to recover them.Second,a baby can only be recovered when approached by its respective parent.So you gotta be the dog to get the baby dog,the cat to get the baby cat etc…Another component to success is the utilization of each fighters unique ability to get to certain areas.This may sound cool but in order to change your fighter you must find the desired fighters teleportation orb in the level.What?! Its a penguin baby? Darn!

The multiplayer is decent allowing 4 players to fight each other in compact, deathmatch style levels.However,after playing the PS2’s superior multiplayer with better designed,larger and more complex levels,I find myself unsatisfied with the Dreamcast’s.

The visuals are cartoonish so I find myself having a hard time passing sure graphical judgement.What I am sure of is that the graphics are smooth,decently textured and very,very colorful.Do expect frame rate slowdown.The sound and music is superb,boasting inherent,goofy humor.One cool feature is that when you change your fighter,the levels music changes its style to match your fighters respective nationality.

Bottom Line:A fun,light shooter that finds the perfect substitute for distasteful blood.Let the fluff fly!!!