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Ghoul Panic

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Released: 2000

Genre: Shoot-’em-up

Format reviewed: PlayStation

Publisher: Namco

Developer: Eighting

Submitted by: Anthony Booth

As well as Pacman, Namco is also known for their light-gun games, namely their Point Blank and Time Crisis franchises. However, there's one light-gun game they've produced that isn't so well-known. And that game is Ghoul Panic.

Ghoul Panic is what you get when you take The House of the Dead and give it a cartoony makeover. The gameplay conissts of Point Blank-style challenges, like resuce missions (rather than Dan and Don, you're protecting cats. Weird, I know.). Then there's Story mode, which is short but sweet, and it contains a couple of decent boss fights, though Namco could've made you do something other than just unload on the boss till they die. The arcade mode is decent enough to play, and there's also the Training mode, which lets you play any challenge or boss on any difficulty, which is very fun to do. The music's good enough, and the graphics are excellent for a last-gen PS1 game. There's only 3 multiplayer games (Survival, Ghost Race, and Panel Battle), but they're also fun to play, and if you have 2 multi-taps, 8 players can play Ghost Race, giving tons of replay value and making the multiplayer aspect one of the game's strong points.

Overall, this game isn't as good as point Blank or Time Crisis, but it's still a great game. Just make sure you play it with a G-Con and a friend though.