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Gran Turismo 2

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Released: 2000

Genre: Racing

Format reviewed: PlayStation

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Developer: Polyphony Digital

Submitted by: Jack Poole-Fuste

Gran Turismo 2 is the second entry it to the populour PlayStation exclusive driving sim franchise. Having around 650 cars to race with and plenty of tracks, Gran Turismo was one of the best choices for a racing game on the PSX. This sequel introduced the franchise to more cars, rallying and upsdated the selection of cars from a wide range of manufacturers from Alfa Romeo to Venturi. The Graphics are pushing the hardware to the limit and the cars react to your driving response near perfect. GT2 offers an easy to navigate menu, spectacular animation as well as having the option to change from a career style 'GT mode' to a simple 'arcade mode' by switching the two discs around. Definetely a game every PSX owner should have.