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Jet Set Radio

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Released: 2000

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Dreamcast

Publisher: Sega

Developer: Smilebit

Submitted by: James Langstone

Many people knew of the Dreamcast but few bought it, the masses mainly held back due to Sony’s big black wonder being just around the corner.  Yet those select few of us who chose to let bygones be bygones and put our past behind with Sega were in for quite the treat.  Jet Set Radio was a fresh and funky IP the likes of which people outside of Japan were not used to.  Boasting cel shaded style visuals, addictive gameplay and a soundtrack that today is still one of the catchiest selections I have ever heard.  It certainly ticked all the right boxes in all the right ways.

Starting out as a simple turf war between skater punk gangs, Jet Set Radio’s plot soon spirals from wacky to downright crazy.  As the GG’s “the protagonist’s gang” face off against a corporate giant who believes a vinyl that once completed and played will summon a demon!  Not being the main draw of the game, the rest of it more than makes up for this wacky and nonsensical story line.

Pretty simple to play, the game only has a couple of objectives that usually in involve outrunning something, performing tricks or laying down tags.  The player must enter a series of stick movements to do so, keeping things fluent and fun.  Throw in a large selection of some of the best graffiti art the world has to offer and you have your very own modern street art gallery to play with.  Don’t like any of the ones in the game?  No big, just make your own and share with the online community!

All in all Jet Set Radio is just one of those games that says to hell with what is normal, and just goes with the flow.  It really does show what can happen when you just throw conventional methods out of the window and just make something fun.  One of the few games that defiantly needed an OST, and one of the few that demands a HD remake!  DREAMCAST USERS UNTIE!