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Judgement Silversword: Rebirth Edition

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Released: 2004

Genre: Shoot-’em-up

Format reviewed: WonderSwan Color

Publisher: Qute

Developer: M-KAI

Submitted by: Ryan Davies

For those who can’t afford Radiant Silvergun, there’s an alternative – Judgement Silversword on the humble WonderSwan! Although if you can’t afford Radiant Silvergun, you certainly can’t afford Judgement Silversword. Luckily, it’s a lot easier to emulate, so there’s some joy to be had there at least.

Now then, it was made as part of a competition using the WonderWitch thing (which I’m told is a Windows-based game designer thing). Everyone loved it, it won the competition, it got made into a “real game” and M-KAI could afford to feed his family on only the purest champagne-soaked caviar for three years straight.

So, for the game then, it’s one of those clever ones which makes you hold your WonderSwan (or PSP or whatever) in a different position. It’s a vertical shooter! So you have your WonderSwan on its side, using the two D-pads as the controls – effectively DOUBLING the amount of buttons that “normal” WonderSwan games have!

Yes, the lone spaceship with incredible firepower facing off against the hordes of space, you know the drill. There’s no power-ups or anything, it’s just one button for a spread shot, one button for a focused shot, and one button for a shield thing. Catching bullets in the shield grants you some multipliers, and the faster you finish a level, the more points you get too. Simple really, but done oh so amazingly well.

Up to a hundred sprites on-screen at a time! All moving really really really fastly, with lots of scrolling backgrounds and giant bosses too! Three difficulty levels, a lovely little high-score saving system, giant space-swords, this game has it all. Why don’t “other” games have all this? Because they weren’t squeezed from the loving spunk of a lone programmer with a caviar fetish, that’s why.