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Released: 2009

Genre: Strategy

Format reviewed: Atari Lynx

Publisher: Matashen

Developer: Matthias Aschenbrenner

Submitted by: Lee Chapman

In the same style as the board game Monopoloy comes the Lynx game Lynxopoly. Instead of trading in buildings you trade for Lynx games. A novel idea that works fairly well. A standard game will last you at least a couple of hours with 3 odd opponents. This is the first game to have an in-built save feature in the cart. No need for lenghty complex passwords! Just save your game, switch off your Lynx and come back to it when your ready. A nice touch. There is no music when playing the game, just some sound effects when the dice roll. There are some nicely detailed animated cut screens that add to the games different appeal. If you like board games then this is one for you. If you like action then I'd suggest trying before you buy.